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Disney Day Trippin’ (pt 1)

If you scroll back to this past August 2017 I shared my plans I had for my 40th birthday year in this blog post.  Originally I was going to start my "The Year of Me" in January 2018 but I got an awesome deal that just couldn't pass up. Plus it had been over a year since my last trip and I was having a bit of Disney withdrawals.

I began my search by starting with the Haul-O-Ween time dates and looking at the crowd calendar at Undercover Tourist.  I selected a couple of mid week dates and began my search for a flight.  I got an awesome flight deal on Southwest just a tad over 3 weeks before my trip.  I decided to make it an overnight trip so I wouldn't feel rushed and got a great rate on a hotel across the street from Disneyland.  At the last minute I canceled that hotel and got a rate at another hotel I had heard great things from.  The Grand Legacy Hotel was even closer to the park and what sold me was they offer a awesome discount for Annual Passholders.

I drove myself to my local airport and parked in the garage. OMG I got so dizzy while driving because the garage has a spiral ramp and I had to park at the tippy top 6th floor.  Once I reached my final destination at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County I took an Uber to Disneyland.  In case you are wondering on a Tuesday at 1:45pm it is about a 20 minute drive and costed me about $17-18.

Now here comes the most amazing part.  I have saved up my Disney Rewards and I bought for my very first time an Annual Passport to Disneyland.  I am so excited because being a Disneyland AP is like joining the most awesome secret (yet not so secret) club ever!  There are tons of rewards and perks that come along with being an AP, I can't wait to start using them. (Sorry friends no I can not get you a free ticket for the day, unfortunately that is not a perk of the pass).

This was such a short trip and I had to take photos for my blog that I really feel like I should have stretched it out longer.  On the first day I think I only rode 5 or 6 rides total.  By about 6:30-7pm I was worn out, walking around both Parks is a lot of walking!  And it was hot,muggy and for some odd reason it was pretty crowded, even though it was supposed to be reported as a low crowd day based on my search.


Throughout my day I did have a couple of yummy drinks and treats.  In Disneyland I bought a Teddi Barra Lavender Sparkler from the Hungry Bear. It is Lavender and Elderflower Syrup, Lemon Juice and Carbonated water and I highly recommend trying it, it was very refreshing& I loved it. I also bought a poison apple light up "ice cube" too (fyi this might be seasonal for Halloween time).


Over in DCA (Disney California Adventure) I went to Schmoozie's to get a Mummy Macaron Ice-cream sandwich. It is an almond french macaron shell with chocolate eyes drizzled in white chocolate and inside is rainbow sherbet ice cream.  I asked the cast members if the macaron was gluten free and they weren't sure if it was gluten free, they told me they thought it was not gluten free because of cross contamination. (I ate one anyway with no problems but I'm not celiac only gluten sensitive).  Next I went over to Smokejumpers Grill to try a Green Apple Spell lemonade with cherry drops.  It was very tasty and the cherry drops were not an overwhelming gummy texture like I have had in boba tea before. I completely forgot to ask if they were gluten free as well, my brain was on auto pilot mode. 

Lastly I went back over to Disneyland because I got so busy I almost forgot to eat dinner. Lots of things were closing up for the night so my only quick choice was the Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland. I got a chicken sandwich plain with fries. OMG it was so gross! The chicken was so dried out I had to soak it in ranch to eat it and the bun was gross too. I threw most of the sandwich away. The fries were good though.  I was kinda surprised it was so bad because I have eaten here before in the past and never had this problem.

I was actually surprised many of the eatery places I peeked in didn't have a food allergy menu available, I went at the start of Halloween season so I guess maybe they were updating them. I was literally only there for a few hours so I really didn't eat or have time to fully ask questions. I was told in DCA at the current Halloween menu at Paradise Gardens Grill is gluten free except the potato cakes. I wish I had more to report on but I was there by myself only from 3-8pm.

After the long day I walked very slowly to my hotel.  While it is a short walk it feels so long at the end of the day.  The room was clean and comfortable at the Grand Legacy Hotel.  I didn't have time to check out their amenities as I was literally there just long enough to sleep and shower before I left the next morning.

The next morning I walked over to Denny's to get some fresh fruit and scrambled eggs to bring back to my room.  After checking out early I went back to the park for a couple hours to ride a few rides and do some shopping before it was time to head home.  I also bought several of the mickey rice crispy treats in downtown Disney for my family but I forgot to ask if they were gluten free.  I tried the gluten free cupcakes from Sprinkles (read my review- Spoiler I wasn't a fan).

On my way back to John Wayne Airport I like to catch my Uber at the Disneyland Hotel because they have comfortable chairs and a nice clean restroom while you wait.  For some odd reason my Uber driver could not find me.  I was starting to get worried I was going to miss my flight but after about 20 minutes instead of the 5 like the app said he finally found me.  I guess he didn't know where the front of the Disneyland Hotel was?  I ended up making it to the airport with time to spare.

Overall even though it was a very short trip (I was gone a total of 27 hrs) I had a great time.  I got some time to myself, took lots of photos for the blog and met some really nice Disney fans while standing in line.  And the most exciting part of the trip is I am officially a Disneyland AP and I can go back again any time I want!  

I'm already planning out my next trip...... TBD......