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Disney Day Trippin’ (pt 2)

I know it has only been 3 weeks since my last trip but there was an awesome sale on Southwest Airlines that I just couldn't pass up, $29 flights, yes that is right $29 flights. Plus I had my Rapid Rewards miles to use as well.  Who doesn't love some free flights?

If you don't know what I am talking about or want to know why I have a Birthday Bucket list you must first read this post.  Then you can read all about trip one or pt 1 here.

I almost cancelled this trip last minute due to a heat wave in Anaheim area.  I also had an issue with my previous plans for childcare.  But I was able to make arrangements last minute and literally 24 hours before my trip I decided what the heck I will just go and brave the heat.  Hey often the weatherman is wrong and it ends up not being as bad as they forecast right?

The day started out great, even with traffic I still managed to get to the airport and park in good time. Oh boy the security line was so long but luckily it moved quickly and I made it to my gate 45 minutes before boarding.  I just brought my purse and a lightweight sweater which makes traveling easy.

Now here comes the first hiccup that had me in a panic.  If you didn't know my cell phone is a non smart phone with no data.  For apps I use Wifi and my iPod touch.  I actually had a partnership with a company for free wifi which you can read more about here.  OK here was the problem I opened the Lyft app (my first time using it) and started to request a pick up. I went through all the steps and the app wouldn't let me finish the process, it was like it was frozen.  So I decided to try Uber, which I have used on prior trips, but I was having the same problem.  Uber kept giving me an error message on the final step.  I was starting to panic trying to figure out how was I going to make it to Disneyland?  I wish I didn't do this but I flagged down a taxi. That was a very expensive ride, double the rate of Uber during the 12pm hour.

Anyways I finally got to the park.  I was going to take the Monorail into the park since I am an AP but the darn thing was closed, so I had to walk to the front.  Since I had a hotspot I was able to easily open the Disneyland app and see the wait times for the rides. This app and the hotspot were my lifesaver.

Since my last trip I hardly rode any rides I wanted this trip to be all about the rides. First ride of the Day was Guardians of Galaxy: Mission Break Out ride in DCA.  The wait was only 30 minutes when lately it has been 2+ hours long so I definitely made sure to ride it.  It was my first time and oh wow everyone is right that ride is AMAZING! I do miss the Tower of Terror but I agree this ride is way better.


Next I went over to Disneyland and pretty much rode every ride in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland that was no more than 10 minutes wait times.  I even took a lunch break this time too. I ate at the Jolly Holiday Cafe. I ordered the kids meal turkey sandwich gluten free.  This time the chef came out and talked with me about my gluten allergy and made sure I was taken care of.  It was a bit of a wait but that is always to be expected with food allergies.  The chef brought my meal out in a bag labeled allergy on it.  The bun on the sandwich wasn't bad but it wasn't really my favorite either.

As the day went on I wanted to ride a few rides over at DCA near the Paradise Pier boardwalk.  It was getting close to dinner and I had to head out soon so I made the most of my time using the Disneyland app to check the wait times.  In the hour I was in DCA I rode 4 rides and even managed to eat dinner.  Because it takes extra time to prepare gluten free food I ordered an individual pizza and then went to ride the Silly Symphony Swings. When I came back my food was ready.  I love gluten free Pizza from Disneyland/DCA.  It tasted different this time, maybe a new crust?  Who knows it was still delicious.

Last ride of the day was California Screaming which is one of my favorite rides.  I probably shouldn't have rode it immediately after eating but it was all good.  Being a single rider is the best on this ride.  I only waited 5 minutes before it was my turn!  Last stop on the way out is to Marceline's Confectionery to get some treats for the family.  I even managed to look in a couple of shops and snag a couple of souvenirs for myself too.

I had plenty of time before it was time to head back to the airport to sit for a few minutes at the Disneyland Hotel.  I love being picked up from here because they have bathrooms close by, comfy seating and free wifi.  My wifi hotspot was working out great for me this trip.  Man I wish I had a data plan, having access to social media and texts the whole day was quite the luxury.  My last hiccup of the day is Uber and Lyft apps were still giving me the same trouble and I was starting to stress again. After a few minutes of trying I gave up and called my daughter who came to rescue.  From home (no where near Anaheim) she used her phone to request a ride for me with Lyft.  My ride came and took me to the airport in time. Again I cut it kinda close but I knew there would be no line at 8pm through security at this airport (John Wayne- SNA).

Overall I am glad I didn't cancel and I had a great time.  The weather was warm but because the crowds were lower it didn't feel as hot.  I accomplished riding so many rides this time and this time I remembered to eat!  It was so much easier to go without a backpack and leave my camera at home.  It certainly made my shoulders feel better.  Now the next trip is scheduled just in time for Christmas decorations in November.  My next trip won't be a solo one, my daughter is coming with me (which will come in handy for Uber/Lyft).