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Hot Gift Ideas for Tweens/Teens

Need a gift idea for that Tween or Teenager in your life?  Look no further I have some HOT gift ideas that will surely impress that hard to please Tween/Teen in your life.


This is a popular toy from the 90's that has recently made a comeback.  Since current tweens/teens have grown up during the digital age they will enjoy seeing "old school" technology.

Cell Phone

While I personally believe not all kids need a cell phone (especially the newest ones that are $800), it is a good idea to teach them about responsibility and to be able to check on them if they are frequently at after school sports/events.  I highly suggest a prepaid phone.  These phones are often less expensive and don't come with huge bills. Lately I've seen the iPhone SE for $100 with various prepaid companies.

Gift cards to Fast Food Places

This is not only a fun thing for them to meet a friend for lunch but it also teaches them the value of money.  One day they will have to pay for their own food, why not start this valuable lesson now.  

Gaming Credit or Gift Cards for Gaming Networks

Let's face it we live in the digital world and nothing is free anymore.  Games are important to todays Tweens/Teens, whether it be an app on your phone/ipad or an add on to an existing game.  Many of the game systems (Play Station, Xbox, etc) have a central network where you can buy games/game add ons and directly download them to your game system.

Fidget Toys

Yes the fidget spinner craze has slowly died off these past few months but there are still tweens/teens whom enjoy them.  Some companies are even making different types of Fidget toys that are slowly hitting store shelves (tangled, fidget cube, flipping chain fidget, etc....).

Fingerlings Monkey

Personally these things creep me out but apparently all the kids want them.  It's basically a virtual pet monkey that holds onto your finger.

Gaming System

If they don't have one yet you know they want one.  This is often a purchase for the whole family as they are often a pricey gift item of $300 and up (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc...).  But let's face the facts we all know the Tweens/Teens are using these items way more than the entire family.