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DIY Fancy Nancy Papillon Crown for the release of Fancy Nancy: Vol. 1 (dvd)

Let’s get fancy s’il vous plait.  Learn the proper way to be fancy just like Fancy Nancy.  Diy your own Papillon Crown (that’s fancy talk for Butterfly Crown) and let’s get ready to watch Disney Junior's newest at home dvd release of Fancy Nancy : vol. 1.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Team Click for the release of Disney Junior’s Fancy Nancy on dvd. I received this dvd in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Based on the New York Times bestselling book series, Disney Junior’s animated family comedy “Fancy Nancy” follows six-year-old Nancy Clancy, a high-spirited young girl whose imagination and enthusiasm for all that is exquisite transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary from her vast vocabulary to her creative and elaborate attire. 

I just loved the Fancy Nancy theme song it is adorable and cheerful you can’t help but sing along. Nancy uses a few French words through out each episode and explains what they mean in English. In each episode there is a problem Nancy and her friends have to solve.  Each episode shares life lessons and values of good character that everyone can learn from. 

Features of Fancy Nancy dvd:

Fancy Nancy is geared toward children age 2-7 years old.

In the menu of the DVD you can choose to fast play or go to the menu. This dvd has 6 episodes, each episode has two stories that are each approximately 11 minutes long.

  1. Chez Nancy/ School de Fancy
  2. Tea party trouble/ Bonjour butterfly 
  3. Nancy’s ooh Layla spa/ Nancy goes to work
  4. Nancy vs Dudley/ Nancy makes her Mark
  5. Nancy’s Devine sleepover/ Nancy’s sarcabieu fondue
  6. Nancy’s dog show disaster/ The case of the disappearing doll

Set up options
English For hearing impaired 
Play all episodes or choose 1 at a time.
Sneak peek for upcoming Mary Poppins movie

Nancy has such a kind heart always wanting to help others. Nancy is also wise beyond her age using fancy and sophisticated words like Aroma therapy, predicament and Exquisite.  She has a very vivid imagination and is full creative ideas.  Just like the theme song says, she is certainly a unique and one of a kind little girl! 

I throughly enjoyed watching each and every episode.  I am sure kids of all ages will enjoy Fancy Nancy dvd as well.  This Fancy Nancy dvd is set to release November 20, 2018 and can be found at most major retail stores in person and online. 

Diy your own Papillon Crown 
(that’s fancy for Butterfly Crown)

Yarn in various colors
Elastic headband 
Hot glue gun

Choose two different colors of yarn. One will become the body and antenna of the butterfly and the other the wings.

Cut each piece of yarn about 12 inches or so in length.

 With your fork place one piece of yarn in the middle between the prongs. This will be the body and antenna.

With your other color weave the yarn through each prong by first going to the right and then weaving to the left.

Continue this process until you have 3-5 rows. 
( Personally I think 3 looks the best)

Take the wing colored yarn ends an tie them in a knot on back of fork.

Take the body yarn and tie two knots on the top, pulling the wings up on the fork.

Gently slide yarn off fork and cut the antenna to desired length.

Trim the back of the extra wing yarn.

Hot glue your butterflies onto the elastic headband and allow to dry before wearing.

Now you are Fancy just like Fancy Nancy.