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How to Pack Like a Pro

This past year I took several over night trips to Disneyland. It is easy to over pack your bag with things you don’t really need for your vacation. I want to share with you how I was able to change my over packing ways and learn how to pack like a Pro!

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Before I even begin to pack I sit down with a pen and paper and physically write out a list of all the items I will need. I break the list down into categories like undergarments, shirts & pants, toiletries, electronics and so on. I think physically writing it all out helps you to think about what you need, so you don’t forget an important item. 

Next gather all the items on your list and lay it all out. Before you actually pack the items try to eliminate some items. For example, it is perfectly OK to wear one pair of jeans two days in a row. And instead of packing your sweater or jacket you can wear it or put it in your personal carry on bag. If you are freaked out by wearing jeans two days in a row you can always wash them at the hotel laundry mat.

Now that it is time to pack there are many different techniques. I strongly suggest investing in a packing cubes set. There are tons of inexpensive ones on amazon. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, choose the ones that best suite your needs.  I think these cubes are such a lifesaver, I wish I discovered them sooner. 

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When it comes to putting your clothes in the cubes you will want to use the most space efficient way. In the past I’ve used space saver vacuum bags, but those can be an expensive investment and don’t always work without the vacuum. I like to roll my clothes, but with all the Marie Kondo Tidying up tips on the web I think that might even be a more effective way to folding your clothes to fit in the packing cubes. Don’t forget to check off the items on your list as you pack them that way you don’t forget anything.

Now that you have some new packing tips hopefully everything will fit in your bag. If it doesn’t all fit then you might need to really think do I really need to bring it? There is a good chance some items you packed you might not even use on your trip. Try to remember less is more and making pre-packing lists are so helpful!