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Disneyland Reopening in 2020

 Shared Information from the State of California Press Conferences on Disneyland Reopening.

As you may know Disneyland, as well as all of the theme parks in California, have been closed since mid March 2020 due to the corona virus outbreak.  Many people have lost their jobs as well as the surrounding businesses have lost the revenue from the tourists that typically visit these Theme Parks year round.

Will Disneyland Reopen in 2020?

*I will continue to update this post as new information comes available. Information shared here is directly from the public Press Conferences from the Governor of California.

Information on Guidelines for the Reopening of Theme Parks from the October 20th, 2020 virtual Press Conference with Secretary Ghaly:

Smaller Theme Parks Guidelines:

May Resume operations in Tier 3 (moderate/orange)

Limited Capacity to 25% or 500 people whichever is fewer

May Open Outdoor Attractions only

Ticket Sales limited to guests within the same County 

Face Coverings must be worn at all times except when eating/drinking

Larger Theme Parks Guidelines:

All theme Parks May Open Operations in Tier 4 (minimal/yellow)

Limited Capacity to 25%

All Theme Parks:

Implement a Reservation System for Ticket Sales

Screen Guests for Symptoms

Face Coverings to be worn at all times except when eating/drinking

Honestly, not a whole lot of information was given as to when these Larger theme Parks like Disneyland will open back up.  This press conference mostly focused on reopening information for the smaller theme Parks, for example Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and outdoor sporting events.  Secretary Ghaly considers the larger Theme Parks like Disneyland as a higher risk because there could potentially be thousands of people from outside the area mixing in and congregating, and many frequently touched surfaces. 

Will Disneyland Reopen before the end of 2020?  

In my personal opinion, it might take a small miracle for that to happen.  While I hate to give up hope, it does take time behind the scenes to make that happen.  Not only do the numbers of positive covid tests need to go down which will then put Orange County in the minimal Yellow Tier 4, but Disneyland will need to call back employees to rehire and properly retrain them to be up to speed on the latest safety protocols.  

Then of course there is the nightmare of the Reservation System for Ticket Sales and how they are going to implement that.  Will it be a free for all or will some guests get priority like those with Annual Passes?  If you can remember not long ago with the huge headache it was for advance of the Opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.  I do believe Disneyland has a plan and is just patiently waiting until they get a green light from the Governor of California.